Company Settlement and Employee Relocation Services

Real Estate Services

  • Source dedicated or shared office space
  • Facilitate arrangement of rental accommodation and/or purchasing residential and commercial real estate

Incubators and Accelerators

  • Access to Incubators / Accelerators
  • **Complimentary 3 month shared office space at Toronto’s leading Incubator/Accelerator**

Human resources recruitment services

  • Facilitate access to top national and local recruitment and headhunting services
  • Customized and turnkey recruitment solutions

Payroll, Bookkeeping and Virtual Human Resources Management

  • Payroll planning and Advisory
  • Payroll administration services
  • Employee time and attendance management services
  • Access to competitive group benefits plan and benefit plan administration Services
  • Access to Group Retirement Savings Program (GRSPs)
  • Provincial worker’s compensation account management
  • Bookeeping Services

Financial Planning Services

  • Assist with set up of Corporate Banking Services including opening a corporate bank account
  • Bank loans
  • Wealth management services

Employees Settlement Services

  • Arrange airport pick-up
  • Arrange temporary accommodation for executives and employees
  • Arrange temporary health insurance
  • Arrange local mobile service providers
  • Assist with set up of utilities and internet services
  • Personal financial planning services through our partner network

Translation services

  • Conference interpretation
  • Document translations


  • 帮助提供国家和地方顶尖的招聘/物色人才服务
  • 提供定制与可立即使用的完整招聘方案


  • 帮助设立企业银行服务,包括协助开立公司银行户口